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Oil and natural gas

Oil,Black gold。

Oil is a scarce resource,Has long been a measure of a country’s energy reserve。Very valuable in itself,Value added function,Therefore, oil is also a high-value investment product that investors are very fond of.。Natural gas is a fossil fuel,Can be used for heating and heating,Can also be used as fuel for cars,It is also an important raw material for the modern chemical industry.。

Trading variety

Trading rules:

Minimum trading unit:0.01hand Minimum plus unit:0.01hand
Maximum trading unit:30hand Oil、Natural gas deposit:1%(1:100)
Surplus/Loss calculation:Real-time price
Trading hours:Sunday22:05-Friday21:00,Monday to Thursday every day21:00-22:05Closed city(MT5server time)
*MT5server time:Server time is constantGMTtime,That is, no winter or summer time,Always for Beijing time reduction8hour。