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MetaTrader 5
about MetaTrader 5

MT5 As the most widely used investment trading platform in the world,Is one of the most widely used software in the market for receiving market transactions.,Not only set market charts、Technical analysis and trading operations in one of the three functions,Can also place an order、Close the position、Limit order、Stop loss、Take profit、View different actions such as reporting and analyzing data ,Can be described as full-featured,Easy to understand the flow of market funds。

In addition,MT5 Trading platform client and service data are passed internationally recognized security technology,Provide investors with comprehensive funding protection;For the majority of investors 31 chart line tool、33technical indicators、Multiple view templates and support unlimited opening of charts,Help investors make more accurate predictions and judgments;Provide a variety of pending order settings,Strong execution,Pending order automatic execution,Comprehensive position risk management,Fast and efficient;Provide free simulation trading platform for investment enthusiasts,Loved by investors;In additionMT5 Trading platform,Provide Chinese Simplified、Traditional and English, etc.31Multi-language,Providing quality investment services to global investors。

in CASH MT5 On the trading platform,In addition to youMT5Foreign exchange trading platform software has its own functions,Still enjoy CASH Competitive spread、High quality trading execution,And personalized customer service。

Accessing your favorite portfolio has never been easier。Enhanced charting capabilities and advanced order management tools can help you quickly,Effectively control your position。

CASH  Markets MetaTrader 5

MT5 Forex trading platform is a market quote receiving software,Trading terminal that professional traders love very much。There are more than one in the world 750 adopted by domestic brokers and banks MT5 software。Provide you with a wealth of opportunities to trade and profit in the financial markets,Extensive technical analysis,Flexible trading system,Provides algorithmic trading and intelligent trading systems。

MT5 Features and advantages
  • Complete trading variety,Except for mainstream foreign exchange currency pairs,Also able to trade14 mainstream index、gold、silver;
  • Powerful chart,Not only the variety of charts but also the time span 9 time period options;
  • Comprehensive chart analysis tools,A variety of main map analysis indicators,It also allows traders to write their own insert charts.。
  • Powerful trading,In addition to offering market price,Also provide pending order trading and stop loss trading,Three approach methods。
  • Also has a one-click transaction function,Trading risk management tools include stop loss and take profit,And trailing stop loss。
Download CASH   Markets MT5 platform

Downloadable MT5 mobile platform,Suitable for Windows,OS X And mobile devices,in iPhone、iPad、Android、Pocket computer or Windows Experience on a smartphone MT5 platform。