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CASH advantage

byCNXSecure endorsement with State Street Bank World Bank-level security

CNXState Street Bank of America(State Street Corp)a wholly-owned subsidiary,Is a world-renowned interbank trading system。A number of international investment banks including Citibank、Bank of America、American International Group、Dutch bank、Morgan Bank、Swiss bank、Royal Bank of England、Goldman Sachs Bank、Barclays Bank、Deutsche Bank, etc. are usedCNXTrading system。in CASH All orders on the transaction passedCurrenex(CNX)Trading System,Direct access to the real foreign exchange market between international banks with daily trading volume of US$1 trillion,Enjoy professional trading with low transaction costs and quick execution;

State Street Bank andCNXStrictly regulated, Guarantee double safety

CNX Using the serverSTATE FARMServer, Bank-level hardware package

byCNXThe order of the transaction is irreversible, All true cannot be modified

CNXOrder data is kept in the USSERVER, And the retention period is in accordance with US legal standards.7year

CNXprovide24Hour support service, And can verify the order

pureSTPtransaction Direct orders to the international market

Transaction transparency——No intermediate bridge,Direct access to international markets,Low spread trading,Track every order;

Open fair——All customers are trading anonymously,Not subject to trading、Discrimination in the size of funds,Guaranteed to see the same market price、Spread and liquidity。

Precise information——Direct access to inter-bank precision quotes from more than ten of the world's top banks,Gain deep and comprehensive market information,The transaction price reference is guaranteed。

Professional service platform,Investment and exchange integration

Specialized transaction——Professional online trading training,Authoritative technical analysis,Fresh financial calendar,Convenient access experience;

Multi-application——Provided for the Chinese marketMT5 PC/Chinese version of the mobile phone trading software;

Various promotions——Bonus for individual investors in different time slots、Value-for-money promotions such as financial travel。

Low transaction cost Low spread multiple choice

Low spread——Enjoy Europe/American trading0Spread from,gold/Dollar0.9Spread from。

High leverage——Enjoy setting from1:100To1:500Lever。

various kinds——Including the euro/Dollar、GBP/Multi-currency transactions such as the US dollar,Precious metals including London gold、London Silver,Oil includes West Texas Intermediate crude oil、Brent oil,More natural gas、Index CFDs and other products。

Intelligent TechnologyIM Diversified profit model

Orders are clearly trackable——IMIntelligent clearing transaction system,Utilize big data,Machine learning,Intelligent Algorithm,Data order management、Automatic report generation、Trading behavior analysis、Risk control seamlessly。

Diversified profit——Provide algorithmic trading for individual investors、Smart two-way order transaction,Diversified options such as profitable trading。