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CASH Ltd YesCASH A professional foreign exchange trading platform directly facing individual traders,CASH is authorized and regulated by Canada (MSB), Regulatory number: M19086583。CASHThe advantage is that the middleman is completely circumvented,Let each trader enjoy the trading offers that only large traders have——in CASHOrders placed on the platform will flow directly to the liquidity providerCurrenex(CNX),Successfully traded in the international market。

CASHIs a foreign exchange trading service provider to middlemen

At the channel level,CASHAll customer orders can be tracked and tracked,The depth of the international market is visible;

At the customer level,CASHSaved the middleman,Direct service trader,All transaction costs are transparent;

At the product level,CASHProvide several core trading varieties——Foreign exchange、Precious metal、gold、oil、futures,At the same time provide some other financial investment business;

At the technical level,CASHProviding cutting edgeIMIntegrated clearing technology,Provide more accurate forex traders“Algorithmic trading”,Achieve smart two-way order transactions,Profitable transactions, etc. Sample selection;

Why you chooseCASH

CASHUse cutting-edge trading systems,Using blockchain and big data to achieve intelligent algorithms“Intelligent two-way follow-up”transaction,Diversified profit models can be easily implemented。

CASHCreate multiple services for traders——Operational technology analysis、Trading strategy reference、Community interaction。

CASHA variety of applicable versions for the Chinese market——MT5、CNX、Computer side、Mobile terminal、Various Chinese version of trading software is convenient for a variety of environments。

CASHBonus for investors in different time slots、Trading points、Value-added promotional activities such as financial travel。

Regulated by Canada (MSB),Click to queryRegulatory information