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  • $500 Minimum deposit
  • 1:100 Lever
  • Low spread
  • Rich variety of trading varieties

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Why you chooseCASH?

  • The most professional and pure foreign exchange brokers

  • Direct orders to the international market

    Absolute low spread

  • CASH Embed the latest technology customization

    MT5,Can check orders to market depth

  • Everywhere for the benefit of individual investors

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  • Safe and convenient, a variety of humanized

    Entry and exit method for selection

CASH MT5Download

CASH Take advantage of new technology,Tailored for individual investors MT5 Trading platform,Can check the order direction、View market depth,True transparent and efficient,Provide more convenient trading platform options for individual traders。

CASH MetaTrader 5

MT5 Forex trading platform is a market quote receiving software,Trading terminal that professional traders love very much。There are more than one in the world 750 adopted by domestic brokers and banks MT5 software。Provide you with a wealth of opportunities to trade and profit in the financial markets,Extensive technical analysis,Flexible trading system,Provides algorithmic trading and intelligent trading systems。

MT5 Features and advantages

  • Complete trading variety,Except for mainstream foreign exchange currency pairs,Also able to trade14 mainstream index、gold、silver;
  • Powerful chart,Not only the variety of charts but also the time span 9 time period options;
  • Comprehensive chart analysis tools,A variety of main map analysis indicators,It also allows traders to write their own insert charts.。
  • Powerful trading,In addition to offering market price,Also provide pending order trading and stop loss trading,Three approach methods。
  • Also has a one-click transaction function,Trading risk management tools include stop loss and take profit,And trailing stop loss。

Download CASH MT5 platform

Downloadable MT5 mobile platform,Suitable for Windows,OS X And mobile devices,in iPhone、iPad、Android、Pocket computer or Windows Experience on a smartphone MT5 platform。


Operating system:Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or higher system; processor:stand by SSE2(Pentium 4/Athlon 64 or higher),Configuration requirements for other systems depend on the use of a particular platform。

Deposit method

CASH Always a relationship with a customer,Put the interests of customers forever in the first place。Not only provide the most competitive low spreads,Let customers spend less everywhere,Make more money。Still in terms of deposits,No charge。

  • RMB UnionPay card
    Deposit directly in RMB,Quickly arrived,Complete deposit online,UnionPay deposits can be made via mobile phone;Gold coin,Instant arrival。
  • Bank wire transfer
    Usually suitable for large amounts of capital injection;The deposit currency is USD;3-5 Business days to account;CASH No handling fee,But the bank will charge a fee; No single ceiling。

Tips:The card type is with the UnionPay logo and the online banking function is activated.。

Special Note:In the process of UnionPay,In order to smoothly connect to the online banking page of the bank,please useIE (version10 or above) or 360Version of web browser。